I know you care about your patients.

That's why you are here, right? We come to Nursing with our passions and our spirit and our desires to help our patients and their families through their toughest moments.

It's just that sometimes, the conversations can be hard. Hard for them and hard for us to know what to say, what questions to ask, how to help them move forward. I wanted my patients to feel they could talk to me about anything. I wanted to think I would have the right questions, the right wisdom and could watch them sail off on their journey, ready for that adventure. It took some time, some watching what questions they kept asking and a lot of conversations. I started keeping track of the questions and conversations that had the biggest impact on them. And that is how I came up with HEART TALK cards. The cards were a perfect way to open doors, make conversations flow and help me be the right person for my patients and their families. And you know what? HEART TALK also made me better at my own journeys!
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After working as a nurse for more than 35 years, I still believe nurses have magic!

I've had amazing experiences in wards ranging from newborn and adult intensive care, oncology and bone marrow transplants, to cardiology. The toughest cases. The most heartfelt stories. Now, my mission is to help you - whether you're a patient, family, caregiver, or nurse - to grapple with the big questions Life is offering you. Find your truth. Live the days you are given, with your deepest authenticity. That's why I've created Heart Talk.

Audrey Friedman, RN
Audrey Friedman, RN

What exactly is HEART TALK?

Heart Talk is a game designed to help you look at your question using cards with unanticipated questions to help you move in new perspectives and new directions.

  • Lay out the Heart Talk cards. Play one... play two... play Bingo

    An unexpected question can open an idea you never expected.

  • Take Action!

    Nothing opens doors or gets us moving like a new idea or perspective.

  • Your Question, Your Journey

    YOU choose - keep it private or share with a friend, family or provider.


ALL YOU NEED TO START is a question you want to take ACTION on!

This could be you if you are: Someone with a question, a patient, family, spouse, caregiver, nurse, nursing student, physician, physician resident, physician student, social worker, case manager, support group facilitator... If you are someone with a question or someone who cares about someone with a question... Then this is DEFINITELY FOR YOU!
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What is that question running in your head over and over and over again? Are you stuck? Scared? Don't know how to get moving?

Opening a conversation doesn't have to be hard if you know a super fun way to open the door!

And, now you do... Heart Talk cards!
Let's get to your question!

What's Inside Heart Talk?

There is some great stuff inside to make your Heart Talk adventure fun and inspirational!

  • 9 course modules designed to help you identify your question with question cards you can print and use immediately, fun games to get you started and tips on helping you get through barriers to conversation!

  • 36 Printable Heart Talk Cards with Questions Plus Extra Blank Cards To Add Your Own Questions

  • Bingo Game with ideas to get you started

  • Journal Handouts to keep track of your questions and inspirations

  • TWO Special Bonuses for you at the end of the course

You can do this!

Sometimes all it takes is a new question and a little inspiration!

Let's do this!

Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration.

An unanticipated question and a little fun can open doors and conversation you never imagined!

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What they said...

A lifesaver!

by Sara D

"This course is a lifesaver! It's safe, thoughtful, light-hearted at just the right moments, and more... Like I said before, a total lifesaver."

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