Is your medical information available if it is needed in an emergency?

If your medical information is important to you, it is importat to us!

  • KNOW your medical information

    Your medical information is important to be able to give you the best care!

  • WRITE your medical information

    Our course provides quick and easy tools you can use to easily document your medical information.

  • SHARE your medical information

    Using the medical information tools, you can now communicate with your care teams to make sure everyone has your information in case of an emergency.

The "Be A Prepared Patient" Course includes:

Everything is provided for you to download immediately, save and use again whenever you need it!

  • 5 easy to follow modules with key points and my narration.

  • 3 Health Information cards you can print and use immedicately!

  • An extensive Health History form we can use to build your tools.

  • A Personal Health Journal with over 20 templates - Ready to Use!

  • 5 Nursing Tip Bookmarks with my favorite tips and resources

  • Feeling more peaceful and prepared for managing your medical issues.

  • Feeling more confident that your family, providers, and emergency providers will know your medications and medical history if you are not able to tell them.

Who is this course for?

WHO needs to HAVE your information and WHO needs to HEAR IT?

  • WHO needs to HAVE this tool

    If you or a loved one has a medical history with issues such as COPD, asthma, pneumonias, heart disease, heart failure, diabetes, kidney disease, cancer, or anything requiring specialized care, you are a HIGH RISK patient. There are multiple tools to KEEP RECORDS, KEEP NOTES AND BE PREPARED IN AN EMERGENCY.

  • WHY the BE A PREPARED PATIENT program is important

    When you have chronic or complicated diagnoses or health issues, it is important to keep track of medications, treatment needs, symptom management and prepare for emergencies. It can be a chaotic life. Having a PREPARED PLAN and TOOLS will help REMEMBER DETAILS AND PLANS, AND DECREASE STRESS of the ongoing chaos of chronic illness.

  • WHO needs to HEAR your information

    Especially providers who DON'T KNOW YOU - Emergency Responders, Emergency department, hospital physicians and consultants. ALSO Consider providers who would need to know your information to assist with your care OR care for you when you are too sick to tell us your story or unable to tell us anything at all.


Audrey Friedman, RN

Welcome! I would love to introduce myself! I have been a RN for over 36 years and in a variety of roles including staff nurse, clinic nurse, preceptor, educator, clinical coordinator, orientation development, education council, case management, legal nurse consultant, speaker and mentor. My clinical experiences include ICU, cardiology, oncology, bone marrow transplant and Level III NICU. I love helping patients and families find answers to questions and paths through hard medical times. And I love mentoring and coaching nurses, new nurses and nursing students and have been happily doing that at the clinical bedside and through my sites: Nursing Wit and Wisdom and Facebook/Nursing Wit and Wisdom. I hope you will find my courses helpful! I look forward to Helping You Find The Answers - Audrey

Let's get you prepared!

Don't wait! Sharing your medical information when needed can make all the difference - to us and to you!

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